Few reasons to love Spain


Life in Spain can be great. This is why it is among the top 3 most visited countries in Europe every year. Spain is also one of the most welcoming one, 14% of the population is from abroad.




  • Climate

Spain has spectacular weather.  It is the sunniest country in Europe and the climate on the east coast has been described by the World Health Organisation as among the healthiest in the world. Spain’s Mediterranean coastline, from the Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol, enjoys an average of over 300 days sunshine each year (!).

  • Diet

You have surely heard of the benefits of the Spanish diet, also known as Mediterranean diet. It is based on olive oil, fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and even wine. A glass of a red wine a day is known as potent antiaging weapon. The most popular dishes are tapas, paella and a delicious gazpacho.

  • Diversity

Spain is incredibly diverse. It covers a large area therefore the climate can be very different in the different parts of Spain. There is a lot of beautiful beaches to relax and amazing mountains to practice trekking and ski.

This diversity is not only visible in the landscape and the weather, people are also quite different . Their accent is softer in the south and in the north people are a little bit shyer and they speak less...well less compared to the Spanish average. 
Spain has been conquered by Romans, Barbarian tribes, Moors and even French. Therefore spanish culture is the result of a curious mixture between all of them. You can see the influence of these cultures in language, architecture and food. You can visit museums, castles, palaces and enjoy the amazing legacy inherited during centuries.

  • Lifestyle

Residents spend a lot more time outside than at home. They are lucky enough to have a great climate that allows them to spend most of their free time outdoors. They love to socialize in a bar or a restaurant and food is very important in their culture too!