Questions & Answers     

Q:     Where to get reliable information about Covid Test
A:      Information about PCR test to enter Spain

Q:      How to avoid any issues when arriving at Malaga airport     
A:      All you should know when travelling to Spain
         Check out this Web Site - it is up to date and they will respond if you have any queries

Q:     Where to get a Covid Test done locally ?     
A:     1. Helicopter Sanitarious in Manilva & Puerto Banus carry out tests   -   They speak English  or contact them on 954 27 67 67    Results within 48 hours. Cost of Test  145 euro 

2. Cenyt Hospital,  Estepona     Tel:   952 80 81 00
3. Hospiten, Estepona               Tel:   952 76 06 00
Your health insurance may cover the cost of the test if you have a letter from your doctor recommending you must done a test . 

Q:     Is this a good time to buy a property in Spain ?   
A:     It appears that many people belive it is.   In La Vizcaronda, sales have been up 30% to the previous year - this I agree is unusual and not a true reflection of what is happening else where.  My observation is, there is a different type of buyer  out there,  (I am generalising of course) .....  55 to 65 age bracket, who feel 'the time is now'  choosing to enjoy the 'now' and stop trying to guess the future.    They want to be the ones sitting on the terrace with a glass of wine watching the sun go down, and not be the ones who continue to watch the markets trying to gues if they should wait to buy or should have bought last year or, or, or  - Stress !
Successful, Decisive people who do not sit on the fence--wondering whether to take a small risk that could propel them forward in whatever endeavor they care about--just do it. Worry about the niceties later.    2 of which bought their house 'on-line' with only walk through vitural videos.  

Q:    What makes the houses in La Vizcaronda such a good find ? 
A:     La Vizcaronda homes have traditional exteriors & contemporary interiors, all houses have been recently modernised, all with new kitchens, new bathrooms, open plan living - resulting in beautifully architectural designed finishes. Our expertise means that every aspect of the design and construction has been considered.   We are proud of the building standards  -  which are way above the normal average. The result is a house that is truly a beautiful home.

Q:     Is the Location good ?
A:     The complex is located in Manilva, between Marbella and Gibraltar with easy access to the AP7 Motorway.
         2 Mins drive to the beach and lovely Puerta de la Duquesa & Sabinillas. 

Q:     Are the houses a good size? 
A:     Yes, 3 Beds are 272 m2    4 Beds 307 m2     5 Bed  470 m2   

Q:     Do they have gardens?
A:      Yes, all remaining houses have private gated gardens, with great sun orientation. 

Q:     Do they have garages? 
A:     Yes, they all have basement garages. 

Q:     Is the Community strong? 
A:     Yes, there is a very strong Community, gardens & pools are maintained in pristine condition all year round. 

Q:     Is it a Holiday Resort or more suitable for permanent living ? 
A:     Over 85% full time residents,  as the houses are so much bigger than than the average house they appeal to families and to permanent living. 

Q:     Are they a quality build? 
A:     Yes, they were built to UK & Northern European standards. 

Q:    What is in the immediate area? 
A:     La Vizcaronda is set in flanked on 1 side by the ever improving Vineyards of Manilva  and on the other by Duquesa Golf 
        Beautiful country walks with spectacular views. 

Q:     Is there much happening in the area? 
A:     Yes, as La Vizcaronda is only 2 mins to Duquesa Port, where you will find many bars & restaurants. 
         2 mins to Sabinillas, where you will find banks, supermakets, pharmacies, hard ware stores, shoe shops, hairdressers, schools, ect, ect.    
         15 mins to Estepona, a working town that is also quite beautiful. 
         10 mins to Sotogrande marina
         20 mins to Gibraltar